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When Should I Book My 2022 Session? | Halifax Family Photographer

You have just made it through the holidays and rang in the new year. It's now the dreaded dead of winter in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You've just gotten the prints back from your family session last year and have them hung up on your walls. It's time to book your 2022 session! Wait, what?! It's true. Although booking times vary from photographer to photographer, for busy photographers prime dates book fast. What are prime dates? Think weekend evenings and in-season. So when should you book your family photography session with Emily Grace Photography?

When to book your family sessions varies with the season, so let's break it down. I only take 2-3 sessions per month, so prime session times are booked quite quickly.

When Should I Book My Winter Family Photos?

Family photoshoots in winter tends to be the least popular! The months of January to April are the most flexible when it comes to booking outdoor sessions and you can snag a prime date a few weeks in advance. The good thing about winter sessions is that I have some flexibility in my schedule to reschedule for a milder day, with hopefully a bit of snow!

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Spring 2022 Family Session?

Springtime is a beautiful time of year in Nova Scotia. After a long winter, everyone is anxious to get out in the fresh, warm air and soak up the sun. By February, most of the Spring weekend dates are booked. I know, it can be hard to think that far ahead but if you are wanting an outdoor family session playing in the Springtime blossoms, you should consider booking by February to secure your Spring prime session date!

What is a Spring prime session?

  • A weekend sunset session between April and June.

If you haven't booked by February, it doesn't mean you are completely out of luck for Spring! Shoot me a message and we will see if we can fit you in!

Summer Session Booking Details

July and August weekend sunset sessions tend to be booked by the time Springtime arrives. Summer is a popular time for family sessions as school is out, schedules are more flexible and the weather is warm. If you are hoping to book a summertime session, I recommend booking by April to secure your spot!

Nova Scotia is known for spectacular beaches which is another reason summer months book quickly! In 2022, I will be offering Beach Short Sessions. These sessions book up very quickly, so I recommend snapping one up the day the session dates are released (early May) if you are looking for a beach session! Session dates available will be released to my email list first, so if you are looking for a beach session be sure to get first pick by joining the mailing list!

And last but certainly not least.... Autumn!

The most busy season for family photographers! The temperatures are cool and crisp, the sun sets earlier which is perfect for small children and the colours are gorgeous - what's not to love? This also makes autumn session bookings the most sought after. To secure a weekend sunset session from September to mid-November I would recommend booking in the spring. I know it seems odd to book an autumn date in May, but if you wait you may not get a weekend session date.

What if I Want to Book a Newborn Session?

Newborn sessions usually take place in home, mid-morning, therefore are not competing for the same times as outdoor family sessions. If you are looking for an outdoor newborn session, all the same tips as above would apply. For traditional newborn sessions, it is best to book 2-3 months in advance, regardless of season!

If you are interested in learning more about what a session with Emily Grace Photography is like, please check out my family session page here.

If you have questions or would like to book a session, please contact me here!

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