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What to Expect From Your Family Session | Halifax Family Photography

Choosing a family photographer is not easy! There are many things to consider including style of photography and the photographers approach to working with families. As a Halifax family photographer, I’m going to help you out a bit by explaining what a family session with Emily Grace Photography is like! Let’s just say, I like sessions to be fun, natural and focused on documenting authentic, meaningful connections!


Family sessions have a sweet spot when it comes to duration. I want the families that I work with to have time to become comfortable with the location, and with me as their photographer. I also want a chance to be able to talk to the kids, introduce myself and ask questions to get to know them and have them get to know me. My goal is to create a comfortable environment where your family can relax and be yourselves! On the flip side, kids (and parents too) have a time limit for how long they will stay engaged and not want to run off and have fun somewhere else!

Sessions last anywhere from 45 – 60 mins. Long enough that we can get to know each other and take our time with the session but not too long for anyone to become bored and lose attention. And honestly, if we lose the kids attention, that’s ok too as we can just play some games to bring them back. More on that in a minute!

Location & Time

Location and light are two important factors in creating beautiful photography.

I offer several outdoor locations to choose from for family sessions. I have chosen to offer locations that I know provide optimal lighting conditions so that we can create beautiful images that you will be happy with! Two of my favourite places for outdoor family photos are Uniacke Estate Museum Park (where else can you find a forest, lake, and field all at the same place?!?) and Fisherman’s Cove.

My sessions take place late afternoon, or evening, depending on the time of year. The light is best just before sunset. I know later in the day can be tricky for families. For tips on preparing your children for a family session, check out my blog post 5 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Family Photos.


It is important to me that you and your family are relaxed and having fun during the session. We typically start off with a few traditional ‘posed’ pictures. These are the ones where everyone looks at the camera and smiles. These are great photos to have, but my heart is in lifestyle images. To create these, I will lightly pose families and offer prompts to create interaction amongst family members. We play games and have fun. This is when I capture laughter, cuddles, kisses and hugs. This is where I am able to document the essence of who your family is in this moment in time.

I also love to get everyone up and moving. Whether this is a walk in a field, skipping rocks at a lake or a game of red rover amongst kids, movement initiates interaction within family members. It will also discourage interaction with me, so I can stop reminding you not to look at the camera!

I aim to capture the sweet, authentic moments within your family. The gentle touches and quick glances that you don’t even know are happening. I want you to have these memories for years to come. As we both know, time is fleeting and they are only little once.

If you have any questions about a family session or would like to book, please feel free to contact me!

I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

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