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5 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Session | Halifax Family Photographer

Updated: May 30, 2022

As a Halifax Family Photographer, I get a lot of inquiries for beach family photo sessions. Nova Scotia has some iconic beaches that provide a beautiful backdrop for family photos, not to mention they are a ton of fun to play at!

Below are my 5 top tips for a family beach session that is not only beautiful, but fun too!

little girl runs on the beach in the sunset
The goal of every session is to make sure everyone is having fun!

Tip #1: Comfort is Key!

Definitely choose outfits for the whole family that allow for movement. The last thing that you want is an outfit that is restrictive and you look uncomfortable in! Beaches are for running, jumping and playing and my family sessions include a whole lot of that! Choose wrinkle resistant and breathable fabrics. Also plan to be in your bare feet... and it's likely that you will all be a little wet by the end of the session!

Mom and daughter cuddle on the beach in halifax nova scotia
Dress comfortably that will allow for a lot of snuggling and playing!

Tip #2: Bring a few towels.

Like I mentioned above, you will likely need to dry off a bit after our session!

Family running through the waves at Conrad's Beach, Dartmouth Nova Scotia
You'll know it was a great session if you leave with your clothes a bit wet and sand between your toes!

Tip #3: Schedule the session at golden hour.

Scheduling the session close to sunset is key to having beautiful light. I realize it can be tricky for little kids but can usually be worked around by having a quiet day and perhaps a nap. Alternatively, sessions in September can be scheduled a bit earlier, as the sun sets earlier!

Family hug on the beach in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Look at that beautiful light!

Tip #4: Bring Snacks

It's always a good idea to have some snacks on hand in case the kids get hungry!

Tip #5: Plan to Move & Have Fun!

We typically start off a session with formal portraits. Once those are done, the focus of the session will be playing on the beach, jumping in the waves and capturing those amazing candid interactions between your family members. Come with the mindset that you will be playing with your family, having a good time and making cherished memories.

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