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Sunflower Session at Dakeyne Farm | Halifax Family Photographer

An easy 40-minute drive from Halifax is a hidden gem filled with sunflowers, rolling hills and beautiful views. As a Halifax family photographer, Dakeyne Farm in Mount Denison is a dream to both photograph and visit.

A photography session in a sunflower field cannot help but be relaxed, natural and full of play. I spent the evening with this family exploring the fields, watching the bees and blowing bubbles.

I am already receiving inquiries about sunflower family sessions for next year – I can’t wait!

What can you expect at a sunflower session with Emily Grace Photography?

  1. Everyone having fun and looking natural.

  2. Being affectionate and snuggling with your family.

  3. Relaxing and ‘letting loose’ a little bit! Plan to play, jump, dance!

  4. Washer toss, kite flying, and crafts are also available at the farm and I am more than happy to capture documentary moments of your family enjoying these activities.

  5. Images capturing your family as they are in this moment to cherish for years to come.

This little girl brought her magnifying glass so she could get a closer look at the sunflower seeds and bees!

Standing in a sunflower field makes for a beautiful family portrait! I love to capture quiet moments of family members interacting with one another, it’s so authentic and real life!

There are many pathways to play on!

To end the evening, we brought out the bubbles! What could be better than sunflowers and bubbles!

If you plan to visit the Dakeyne Farm sunflower fields, here is some more information and easy directions.

If you are interested in learning more about what a session with Emily Grace Photography is like, please check out my family session page here.

If you have questions or would like to book a session (sunflower or otherwise!), please contact me here.


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