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5 Reasons to Love Photography at Home | Dartmouth Newborn Photographer

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

When my children were newborns, I had no idea that in-home photography existed! I thought the only option was to gather up my family and go to a studio, hoping that I didn’t forget to pack anything and that everyone behaved themselves! Over the last couple of years, I was introduced to in-home photography and as a Dartmouth newborn photographer, it became my passion to offer this type of session to my clients – both newborns and older families! Images of families in their own home, comfortable and relaxed, speak to my heart.

5 Reasons to Love Photography at Home

1. You Have Direct Access to Your Closet

This comes in surprisingly handy! Whether you are hoping for a quick wardrobe change to add variety to pictures, or want to switch from a sweater to a T-shirt if you are finding it warm, having your closet at your fingertips is a benefit! Another huge plus is that if baby spits up or drools (which almost always happens), you and/or baby can change clothing quickly.

2. Everyone Is More Comfortable in Their Own Space

There is a certain level of comfort that comes with being in your own home. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your children will be.

3. It’s More Personal

Being surrounded by your personal belongings is one of the things that makes in-home sessions so special. You can sit on familiar furniture and we can incorporate family heirlooms into your images. An important aspect of lifestyle photography is documenting your environment, and in this case, documenting you in your home. We capture your family, not only who you are in this point of time, but where.

4. You Have Kitchen Access

This is undoubtedly a big benefit when you have children! Whether it’s a bottle for the newborn or snacks for the kids, having access to what you need when you need it adds to your family’s comfort during the session, again promoting a relaxed environment! Need a few crackers for your toddler? No worries – the kitchen is right there!

5. Toddler Siblings

For both in-home family and newborn sessions, I always let siblings come and go as they please. When dealing with toddlers, it is great to be in their own home with quick access to snacks and favourite toys and activities.

Home is where the heart is, after all!

Do you have questions about booking an in-home newborn or family session? Let’s chat!

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