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3 Tips to Photograph Special Holiday Memories | Halifax Family Photography

The holidays are such a special time spent with family and taking pictures of these memories is a must! As a Halifax Family Photographer, I’d love to share with you a few tips to make sure you capture these special moments the best way possible and have some great images to share with loved ones!

1. Tell the story

From putting out the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, to the realization that Santa has made an overnight visit, try to photograph all of the highlights of the holiday so that when put together, they will tell the story of what this time was like. As children grow, the story will change so all of the little details are important to capture!

2. Try a unique perspective

I love to look at life through my children’s eyes. Their perspective is so different than mine – something that I may take for granted is new and exciting to them! Get on the ground, at their eye level, and see what they see. Organize activities for them to do, and while taking part in the activities, also snap some pictures. Most importantly, appreciate and soak in the fact that they are little and join in the magic that is the holiday season.

3. Turn off the flash

I cannot complete this list of tips without an important technical one that will make a big difference. When photographing your holiday celebrations, turn off the flash if you can! The tree will glow a hundred times brighter with the flash turned off and it will add a special ambience to your photos. If it is daytime, pull back the curtains to let in the most natural light as possible and turn off lamps and overhead lights. This will also drastically decrease red eye, squinting and blinking in your pictures!

The most important tip is to relax and enjoy every minute of it. While it is great to get meaningful photos of holiday events, it is even more meaningful to be present with your family during this special time. This year has certainly been a different one and it’s more important than ever to be thankful for what we have, cherish all the memories and show the special people in your life how much they mean to you.

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