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Three Big Benefits of Hiring a Doula | Halifax Family Photography

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

As a Halifax family and newborn photographer, I have the pleasure of working with a lot of Mom’s. I’m lucky enough to be a mom as well and find that I have a lot in common with the Mom’s that I work with! In my circle of friends, I have noticed that some have not heard of doulas, or if they have heard of them, are not well versed on what types of support a doula can provide. Let me share my experience with you!

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a doula!

Educational support and information prior to labor and delivery.

Our doula, Shandelle, showed up at our house during our first meeting with a folder full of valuable information that she reviewed in detail with us. I often referenced this folder when I had questions throughout my pregnancy. She was a constant source of information during her visits before our little girl arrived. Doulas provide evidence-based resources for expecting parents so that parents are able to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth.

Knowledge and experience during labor and delivery.

Having a doula present for labor and delivery was extremely valuable to both me and my husband. In the hospital environment, it is not uncommon to have several different nurses, doctors and residents in the room at different times. For me, it was very comforting to have one constant person there to support both me and my husband. If I needed something, or had a question, I could speak to my doula who would reach out to the appropriate healthcare professional. A doula can provide partner support. Our doula was incredible at this and helped my husband be as involved as he wanted to be and ensured he got his wish of cutting the cord when our daughter was born.

Pain management and comfort.

Doulas are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pain management techniques. From position suggestions to progress labor to pressure point massage, our doula had a bag of tricks when it came to alleviating pain and increasing comfort. She introduced me to the birthing ball, which is an oversized exercise ball. For me, it greatly decreased pain during labor and in some studies has also been found to reduce stress and anxiety. I loved it!

My list could go on and on. I hope that I have provided enough information here to peak your interest and consider having a doula by your side during your pregnancy and birth. Doulas can also provide amazing breastfeeding and postpartum support as well.

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